Interpretación Traducción Capacitación

The interpreter acts as the intermediary between people who speak different languages. Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation.

Business and personal documents, websites, manuals, reports. Sworn/Certified and simple translations.

Individual and group English courses. For business, travel, interviews, conversation classes.

Hired by the government because we consistently deliver service excellence

We were the simultaneous interpreters for the President of the Republic and members of the Executive Branch during the presentation of the Central Railway project with the attendance of national and international corporations.  The event was held in May at the Radisson VP Hotel, Montevideo.

The call for tender by the State Railways Administration (AFE), the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) and the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), includes the rehabilitation and maintenance of 962 kilometers of railways throughout the national network.

Read more: http://www.mtop.gub.uy/-/gobierno-presento-proyecto-ferrocarril-central?p_p_state=maximized

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