Interpretación Traducción Capacitación

The interpreter acts as the intermediary between people who speak different languages. Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation.

Business and personal documents, websites, manuals, reports. Sworn/Certified and simple translations.

Individual and group English courses. For business, travel, interviews, conversation classes.

South America gets ready for the 8th World Water Forum 2018

The majestic MERCOSUR headquarters building in Montevideo received senior officials from several countries who participated in the Agenda for  Water Management and the 8th World Water Forum 2018 meetings.


From  August 16 – 18, 2017 we had the responsibility of interpreting and translating English, Portuguese and Spanish to achieve a perfect understanding between the parties during the event.


Some of the organizations that were represented were:


  • Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (MVOTMA) Uruguay
  • Embassy of Brazil in Uruguay
  • National Water Agency (ANA)
  • UNESCO / IHP International Hydrological Program
  • IDB

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